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Room-scale VR is a type of virtual reality experience that allows users to physically move and interact with a virtual environment that is roughly equivalent in size to the real-world environment being simulated. This is made possible through the use of specialized hardware such as VR headsets, motion controllers, and sensors that track the user's movement and allow them to navigate and interact with the virtual environment. Room-scale VR can be highly immersive and engaging, providing users with a more natural and intuitive way to interact with virtual environments.
Each booth has 1 headset (1 person) - with multiple booths able to be connected to allow for interactive multiplayer VR experiences among the 100+ experiences available. Click the ENTRANCE bookings button to book.


Virtual reality escape rooms are immersive and interactive experiences where groups of 1-6 are transported to virtual worlds and tasked with solving puzzles and challenges to complete. With realistic graphics and sensory feedback, players can explore virtual environments and collaborate with others in real time, offering a thrilling and engaging adventure unlike anything ever experienced. All escapes have a standing option. Each escape takes 60 mins and range from easy to hard

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